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The Clash (Ebook)

The Clash (Ebook)

Strummer, Jones, Simonon, Headon

The Clash

The unique story of the Clash, by the Clash. The Clash were a band like no other. Pioneers of punk rock, their incendiary gigs, intelligent songwriting, definitive style and passionate idealism caught the spirit of the times and made them a worldwide phenomenon. Rolling Stone magazine declared London Calling one of the greatest albums of all time, their autobiographical documentary Westway to the World won a Grammy, and their music lives on, influencing emerging bands and exciting new audiences today.

This is the only book to be created by the band and is now available as an ebook.

The Clash: trendsetters, icons, revolutionaries. One of the most influential bands of their time, they have inspired bookshelves of commentary, but this is the only book to be created by the band themselves. With unprecedented access to the Clash archives and original interviews with band, this publication tells it like it was.

The full story from the last gang in town. Strummer, Jones, Simonon and Headon in their own words.

Press reviews

Thrilling – This is a treasure trove of hitherto undiscovered gems. Long overdue.

Classic Rock

This book is a cracker – crammed with Clash bits and bobs.

The Sunday Times

What could be more fun than a book about The Clash written by The Clash – What makes this tome more worthy than the reams of unofficial Clash literature available is that in it, the band tells their story in their own words – it’s packed with little secrets and playful digs – Brilliant

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