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John Wetton An Extraordinary Life (Signature Edition)

John Wetton An Extraordinary Life (Signature Edition)

Foreword by
Geoff Downes

This is a signed edition of John Wetton An Extraordinary Life. It comes in a distinctive black jacket and is signed by John's widow Lisa and his son Dylan.

This much anticipated book, created with John Wetton’s family and management, contains the first-person testimony of seventy-plus people who knew and worked with John, from his school days and throughout his professional and personal life.

Along with stories of John’s musical success are those from friends and family who do not steer clear of his problems, but rather explain the why, the how, and eventual triumph over them in honest and touching recollections. Among the stories of friendship, music and sometimes craziness they tell are reflections on what made John Wetton such an unforgettable musician, friend, and prog rock legend. They also show why his legacy will continue to ring through the coming decades.

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