Relentless: Thirty Years of Sepultura

Jason Korolenko
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In the first complete biography of Metal legends Sepultura’s epic career, Sao Paulo-based US author Jason Korolenko tells the remarkable story of how Brazil’s biggest musical act came to sell over 20 million albums world-wide.

From their beginnings playing music that could have seen them arrested, through three decades of success, struggle and strife and including new details about members leaving, Relentless uncovers the story of one of the world’s most influential Metal acts. Written with the support of the band, it is illustrated with over 70 photos, many from the band's personal archives, and most previously unseen.

About the author

Jason Korolenko is a widely published writer of horror fiction and music journalism. Relentless has also been published in Brazil and Poland.

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224 pages

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